Poems & Quotes

Life is what I must create / my mind a cell I must escape / my frame a steed that I must break / my life a poem that I must stake. / To those who think that life’s a crutch / to them I say “get up, get up.”

“Why settle for mediocrity when you can strive for greatness?”

“The difference between an amateur and an artist is how well one can state the obvious in a new light.”

“No matter how many times life seemed to beat him down, he always managed to get back up with a smile; because to him, it was the greatest thing he could ever experience: the love of life.”

“Connotations will be the death of the English language.”

“I am giving you this choice; invest in your spirit, or in your flesh; either way, you will sacrifice a part of yourself.  The question is, which part can you live without?”

““Choosing ignorance is like choosing cheap booze;. it might get you buzzed, but it’ll more than likely kill you for indulging it.”

“When you write, you must take into consideration the perception of life and death. How will something start, and how will its actions influence its end? That is the basis of any good story line.”

“Pac-man is the definition of life; you eat until you die.”

-Brendan Moir